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Metallica News!


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Here is all of Metallica's latest news!

Hey GUys. I just wanted to let you know that Mike Inez of Alice in chains is a definate possibiliy for Metallicas New Bassist. Also Metallica is in a hidden studio in San Fransisco, recording a new album with Their manager Bob Rock helping on the bass tracks. The album should be out in early 2002. For new studio pix and vacation pix of Metallica email me and i can tell u where to go.

Sadly, Jason Newsted of Metallica has quit the band. He says that being on the road all the time and partying is bad on his heath and he is constantly ill. Fortunatly, The band is staying together and plan to release a new album in about a year. E-mail me and tell me who you think Metallica should get as there new bassist!