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Welcome to my site full of metallica Sh*t

James Hetfeild of Metallica

Spirol, Spinning Horizontal Line

This site is still under construction but check out what is already here and check back often for new sh*t.

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Ringing Liberty Bell

Fire Spinning Arrow 17

Clck the above to here a rare techno version of for whom the bells toll

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The Ultimate Metallica Site

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This is a site dedicaded to metallica and all of their fans.

Hey dudes I have a way better Metallica site than this. I tried to put it in the webring and i put the ring on my site but for some reason it wont link. U guys should go there. I guarantee u will like it. It is

This site has A sh*tload of metallica pictures and Sh*t about metallica.
Please sign my guest book and tell me how you like my site. Also e-mail me about any questions, comments, or helpful hints for my site. Feel free to request a certain pic or other stuff you would like me to add to my site.


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Toilet, Opening & Closing Lid